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Ahead of the 212 Reunion, Maharani Peduli Prepares 9 Posts and 2120 Nasi Kebuli and Lontong Sayur

Foto Maharani Peduli Post
Maharani Peduli Post

Luwuk Today, Jakarta – The Maharani Peduli Community has prepared 9 posts and dozens of personnel to provide services to 212 Reunion participants, Monday (2/12/2019).

Three hours before the 212 Grand Reunion began, 50 #maharanipeduli personnel had spread to 9 posts. Each logistical post provides drinking water and food services.

According to Maharani Cares Public Relations information received by Luwuk Today, the main post is located opposite the Wisma Antara building and the Mercure Hotel.

“This post provides 2.120 servings of Kebuli Rice, 2.120 servings of Padang Lontong Sayur, 2.120 Breads, 5.000 packs of Dates, and 6.000 bottles of Mineral Water”, he explained. This post is scheduled to open since 3:00.

While 4 posts of water and bread will be at each entrance gate Monas.

“Each post will provide 4,800 bottles of mineral water and 1,000 breads,” he said. This post will open after dawn prayer.

In addition to providing logistical services, Maharani Peduli also prepares health services, medical posts with medical staff and facilities that start to open since midnight Sunday.

“A complete Medical Command Post with Ambulance, Doctors and Nurses, Oxygen and Drugs”, he said.

“All food and drinks will be distributed free of charge to anyone who is present at the 212th Great Reunion, Monas 2 December 2019”, he said.

“In Syaa Allah, 50 of our personnel will be on location starting Sunday night,” he concluded. []

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